Remember LG wanna-be Bill Samuels and his pledge to launch a $250,000 independent expenditure campaign to elect reform-minded senators?

Well, he has his first target. And it was sort of a no-brainer.

“Pedro Espada represents all that is wrong with state government today,” Samuels said in a press release that announced the scandal-scarred Bronx lawmaker will be the first incumbent targeted by his New Roosevelt Initiative.

“He’s a wealthy guy from one of the wealthiest parts of Westchester who lines his pockets with taxpayer money yet fails to address the real needs of his district – in which he doesn’t even live”

“The people of the 33rd Senatorial District face real challenges getting affordable housing, access to health care and decent schools. But they have a State Senator who takes money intended for health care and uses it to hire family members and cronies instead; who ignores tenants and sides with landlords; and who turns his back on Democratic values so he can cozy up to his rich Republican friends in the State Senate.”

Samuels called Espada “the rottenest apple in the basket,” but warned: “There are also bad apples on both sides of the aisle that need to be thrown out of office.”

Espada has an announced primary challenger, Desiree Pilgrim-Hunter. Samuels didn’t say anything about helping her, although his consultant, Doug Forand, met with Pilgrim-Hunter before she launched her campaign and spoke positively about her efforts.

Ultimately, Forand decided his firm, Red Horse Strategies, couldn’t work for Pilgrim-Hunter because it might conflict with his efforts on behalf of Samuels, who is also campaigning to be president of the Senate.

Pilgrim-Hunter ended up signing on with another firm that has long-standing experience working for the Senate Democrats: BerlinRosen.