Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand continued to stick by Global Strategy Group today, in spite of repeated calls by one of her GOP opponents, David Malpass, for her to sever ties with the embattled polling/consulting firm following its $2 million pay-to-play pension fund settlement with AG Andrew Cuomo yesterday.

Gillibrand, who was in Albany for a small business event with Rep. Paul Tonko, pretty much stuck to same script employed earlier in the day by her spokesman Glen Caplin. So far, no candidates have dropped Global – not even one of its newer clients, AG hopeful/Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice – with the exception of Cuomo himself, who said he hasn’t had any contact with the firm since it worked on his 2006 AG campaign.

Here’s the exchange that took place between Gillibrand and YNN’s Solomon Syed:

SYED: Senator, do you have any comment about what’s going on with Global Strategies?

GILLIBRAND: You know, the Attorney General has done his investigation and I feel the matter is fully closed.

SYED: But are you going to maintain your connection?


SYED: And why is that?

GILLIBRAND: Because I feel the Attorney General’s done his review and I think he feels satisfied and the investigation’s closed. So, I think it has run its course.

SYED: It doesn’t disturb you that they are involved in this pension situation at all?

GILLIBRAND: Well, I think the Attorney General has done his full analysis and he’s reached his own judgment and he feels the matter has been satisfied and closed, so I agree.

SYED: Have you communicated with him at all on that?

GILLIBRAND: No, no. I’ve just read the press like you have.