One of the two announced Democratic LG candidates, Ramapo Town Supervisor Christopher St. Lawrence took some subtle swipes at his opponent, Bill Samuels, who has pledged to primary whomever the presumptive gubernatorial nominee, AG Andrew Cuomo, picks as his running mate.


While insisting it’s “fine” for Samuels to pursue his own path in the fall, St. Lawrence made it clear that what he’s angling for is to be picked by Cuomo – not to antagonize him.

“I don’t think it’s the year for primaries,” St. Lawrence told me during the Somos el Futuro conference in Albany Saturday night.

“This is a year to elect Democrats. This is a year to go out and work to elect senators, Democratic senators across this state, so we can take over the Senate and we can help working families in the state of New York.”

“…If Andrew Cuomo does not pick me – even if I were to be on the ballot and Andrew Cuomo wanted to go a different way or have someone else, I would support that candidate.”

St. Lawrence, who has raised money for Cuomo, said he spoke to the AG before he launched his LG bid and was told: “Go out and tell your story.”

“I have a great story to tell about what we’ve done in Ramapo,” St. Lawrence said. “It’s the same story we need here. I’ve closed budget gaps before. I’ve kept businesses in the Town of Ramapo. That’s what we need to do in New York State.”

St. Lawrence is billing himself as the “upstate candidate,” (let the age-old debate about where, exactly, the upstate-downstate divide begins commence now). He also says he would provide a voice for local elected officials, who “need to get their concerns heard because the taxes get pushed down onto that level; that’s where the rubber meets the road.”

Meanwhile, the LG jockeying is heating up, with former Bronx BP Adolfo Carrion sending out signals he’d like very much to be asked to run (The Voice’s Wayne Barrett doesn’t think much of that). Other names in the mix: Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown and Rochester Mayor Robert Duffy.

(For the record, the guy behind St. Lawrence in this photo is Brian Simon, who doesn’t work for the candidate, but does work for Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, at whose reception I conducted this interview. St. Lawrence was being squired around at Somos by his consultant, Patrick Jenkins, who also recently signed with AG hopeful Sen. Eric Scheniderman).