Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s GOP challenger David Malpass is continuing to pressure her to cut ties with her consulting/polling firm Global Strategy Group following its settlement yesterday with AG Andrew Cuomo in connection with the pay-to-play pension fund scandal.

Malpass’ campaign first issued a call for Gillibrand to dump Global yesterday. The senator’s campaign refused to comment, but did indicate that it has no intention of doing anything of the sort.

That wasn’t sufficient for Team Malpass, which issued the following statement from spokeswoman Jessica Proud this morning:

Kirsten Gillibrand’s chief political advisors were involved in the biggest pension fund scandal in New York State history, yet no one yet knows what Ms. Gillibrand thinks about that.”

“Does she plan to stay with the tainted firm? And, if so, how does she explain that to the public, particularly New York State pension fund holders? Does she condone their involvement? Does she think they did nothing wrong and simply donated the $2 million to the attorney general’s office?”

“These are legitimate questions that Ms. Gillibrand needs to answer,” Proud continued. “This pension fund investigation is no joke. It strikes at the very heart of the public’s legitimate mistrust of their public officials.”

Gillibrand is due in Albany later this afternoon for a small business event with Rep. Paul Tonko. It’s a safe bet the Global question will come up – that is, if she takes questions from reporters.

The interesting political version of Tinker-to-Evers-to Chance here is: Gillibrand used to work for Cuomo at HUD, Global worked for both Cuomo and Gillibrand in 2006, Gillibrand got Hillary Clinton’s job, which Cuomo may or may not have wanted, thanks to Gov. David Paterson, who used to be Cuomo’s potential primary rival.

Now, thanks to Cuomo, Gillibrand is in the awkward spot of having to defend the consultant she and the AG used to share.

UPDATE: Gillibrand spokesman Glen Caplin forwarded over the following response:

“”The Attorney General has resolved the matter to his satisfaction and the issue is closed. Instead of partisan political attacks, David Malpass should explain his role in the financial meltdown he led as chief global economist for Bear Sterns that left taxpayers holding the bill. He made millions as new Yorkers lost their retirement savings, jobs and homes.”