The political fallout from today’s settlement between Global Strategy Group and AG Andrew Cuomo’s office is beginning, with one of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand’s Republican opponents, David Malpass, calling on her to dump the consulting firm from her re-election effort.

“Ms. Gillibrand has a clear choice: She can continue her association with a firm involved in the New York Pension Fund Scandal, or she can cut her ties with them immediately,” said Malpass spokeswoman Jessica Proud.

“This is a real test of Senator Gillibrand’s priorities. Will she stand with the taxpayers or with her tainted political advisors?”

Global has been with Gillibrand since the very beginning. Pollster Jef Pollock worked on her successful 2006 effort to oust then-GOP Rep. John Sweeney – campaign that drew national attention and was one of the dirtiest of that election cycle.

Global also worked on Andrew Cuomo’s AG campaign that year, as well as on Eliot Spitzer’s gubernatorial bid. Now that Spitzer is gone and Cuomo, as he said earlier today, he has severed ties with the firm, Gillibrand is Global’s highest-profile candidate in New York, although it has offices and candidates outside the state, too.