The New York League of Conservation Voters has launched a fundraising campaign to refill the coffers of its Climate Action PAC in hopes of rebuilding “environmental leadership in state government,” according to an e-mail sent to the group’s supporters by board member Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt V.

“Protecting New York State’s natural treasures is a time-honored family tradition,” Roosevelt writes.

“It’s also a bi-partisan principle for a long line of New York governors (including my great-great grandfather) and courageous legislators who had the foresight to protect the Adirondacks, to save the Hudson River and to create the Environmental Protection Fund (EPF).”

“I am, like many New Yorkers, deeply troubled by the state’s budget proposal to close our parks, raid the EPF and gut our environmental enforcement agencies. Budget cuts in these tough times are necessary, but the environment is being asked to bear a disproportionately large burden – one that threatens our drinking water, air and quality of life.”

The NYLCV played a significant role in the 2008 Senate campaigns, particularly in the Brian Foley vs. Caesar Trunzo race out on Long Island. This year, the Climate Action PAC has decided not to support any elected official who doesn’t “protect and prioritize environmental funding.”

The Climate Action PAC is trying to get 100 donors to contribute $22 each and plans to use the cash to show Albany pols that “environmental voters mean business.”

The PAC was created in 2008, in part as a vehicle to support and/or punish lawmakers who didn’t support congestion pricing. (Some associates of Mayor Bloomberg, who was the brain behind the never-realized pay-to-drive plan, contributed a fairly sizable chunk of change).

Incidentally, I’ve heard Roosevelt’s name bandied about as a potential candidate for something or other at some indeterminate point in the future. I e-mailed to ask if he is indeed interested in getting into the family business some day, and he replied:

“When you have a name with a strong political association people are inclined to ask if you are interested in running, so yes I have been asked about it in the past. And like anything you are asked about often you consider it, but running for political office is not something that I have any intention of doing right now.”