Education Reform Now, a pro-charter school organization that is pushing to lift the cap in hopes of improving the state’s Round II application for “Race to the Top” funds, has a new radio ad up that darkly hints about getting “rid” of any lawmakers who oppose reform.

The ad is running upstate only and the buy is “significant,” I’m told.

Even though everything in Albany is stalled while we await some movement on the budget, the pro-charter coalition is pushing very hard on this subject and is specifically blaming the teachers union for New York’s failure to make the grade in the first round of “Race to the Top” funding.

Here’s the scipt for the spot:

“Times are tough. But we just can’t afford to cut back on education. We need every dollar we can get for our kids.”

“This month, New York lost out on $700 million from the Obama administration. Our bid was rejected because the Teachers Union stooped common-sense education reforms like allowing more charter public schools and demanding more accountability from teachers in the classroom.”

“When I heard the schools did not get $700 million in school aid, I was livid. We need that money. Especially when our schools are already being cut. And we’re paying more taxes than ever.”

“We lose this money just because the teachers union said no to reforms?”

“It’s absurd.”

“Call Albany at 877-540-2717. Tell them to pass education reform. There are $700 million good reasons why.”

“What would I do with the $700 million? I’d get rid of any politician who opposed reform.”