Here’s a copy of a mailer Republican East Syracuse Mayor Dan Liedka sent out that seeks to tie the man he hopes to unseat, Sen. Dave Valesky, with the scandal-scarred leadership of the Senate Democrats.

The piece was mentioned during a report by YNN’s Bill Carey that appeared on “Capital Tonight” last night.

The mailer is clearly from Liedka (it clearly says it was paid for by his campaign, but I wasn’t able to fit that part onto the jpeg; sorry), but it’s written in Valesky’s voice and signed: “Dave.” The text slams the senator for the late budget, recent DSCC pay-to-play fundraising stories and the fact that his top aide, Troy Waffner, was recently hired by the State Fair.

“He’ll make a hundred grand a year, (but) he’ll still be able to work on my Senate payroll, and I’ll be able to hire a couple more campaign workers on my Senate payroll,” the piece reads. “It doesn’t get much better than that. What hiring freeze?”

Liedka isn’t the only Republican challenging Valesky. Concert pianist Andrew Russo is also vying for the GOP nod.

Businesswoman Jessica Crawford was also in the running, but ended her bid when she failed to gain sufficient traction among local GOP leaders. (Updated).