Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver sure is doing a lot of defending of fellow Democrats these days (provided, that is, they are not attacking the Legislature).

Fresh off his chastisement of former Gov. Eliot Spitzer, whose comments slamming AG Andrew Cuomo the speaker called “inappropriate,” Silver today stepped up on behalf of his longtime friend and ally, LG Richard Ravitch.

Asked about Gov. David Paterson’s New York Times OpEd that slammed the Legislature for daring to consider borrowing to help close the budget deficit, (something Ravitch has proposed as long as it also includes reforms), Silver told NY1’s Erin Billups:

“I really don’t understand this shift in position since the governor announced he was assigning Lt. Gov. Ravitch this duty and he came out, presented a plan, and the governor, the day before Lt. Gov. Ravitch came to our conference, told our conference that the Lt. Gov. would be there to explain his plan to us. So it is a little peculiar.”