Democratic AG hopful Sean Coffey sent a fundraising appeal to supporters today that references AG Andrew Cuomo’s probe of whether Wall Street banks misled credit agencies on mortgage-backed securities, citing this as “a central issue” for whomever suceeds the would-be governor as New York’s top attorney.

“I am the most qualified, prepared and willing to root out corruption in our complex financial system,” Coffey argues in the e-mail. “I am ready to deliver for you.”

The plea includes links to Coffey’s recent appearances on Bloomberg TV (during which he talked up Cuomo’s investigation, while also noting he couldn’t go into much detail because he might inherit the case) and NY1.

To demonstrate the seriousness of his campaign, Coffey, a political newcomer, said last month that he would invest $2 million of his own money in his statewide bid. He reported having $1.5 million on hand in the Jan. 15 financial filing.

All the Democratic contenders are striving to tie themselves to the popular outgoing AG – particularly Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice, who is perceived to be Cuomo’s preferred candidate due to her ticket-balancing abilities.

But Coffey has been working extra hard to distinguish himself from his fellow hopefuls in the crowded five-person field.

He was the only Democrat to release a statement in response to Staten Island DA Dan Donovan’s campaign announcement yesterday, in which he accused the Republican prosecutor of lacking sufficient experience to take up where Cuomo will leave off in January. (Given that Rice and Donovan share a title, that Coffey statement was also perceived as a not-so-subtle slap at her, too).