Democratic AG contender Sean Coffey did not take kindly to being employed by Republican Harry Wilson as a cudgel to slam his opponent, Comptroller Tom DiNapoli, for accepting the Working Families Party line.

In a sharply-worded statement, Coffey slammed Wilson for “resorting to the same old politics” by claiming that he and AG Andrew Cuomo rejected the WFP because of its “extreme left-wing ideology” – a phrase neither Cuomo nor Coffey employed when discussing their reasons for declining to seek the labor-backed party’s line.

Coffey also accused Wilson of “failing to meet a standard” that he couldn’t meet himself after accepting the state Independence Party line despite the fact that it is embroiled in an investigation by the Manhattan DA’s office.

“Mr. Wilson’s purported summary of my position is a flat-out misrepresentation,” Coffey said.

“Let me be clear: No candidate aspiring to serve as the next Attorney General should either seek or accept the WFP line as long as the US Attorney’s investigation remains unresolved.”

“The same goes for the Independence Party, which currently has at least one principal operative under investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney. It is my hope that these matters will be resolved quickly and the status of these parties will be cleared.”

Coffey also had some harsh words for state Independence Party Chairman Frank MacKay for suggesting that the AG candidate’s family members had texted him to set up a meeting in hopes of landing Coffey Row C.

“If the chairman of the Independence Party has text messages from anyone who purports to speak on my behalf, he should make those public without delay,” Coffey said.