Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch’s New York Uprising PAC has been focused to date on naming so-called “heroes” of reform, awarding that imprimatur to elected officials and candidates who sign his trio of pledges calling for an overhaul of ethics, legislative redistricting and the budget process.

Now, Koch’s effort is going to take a darker turn, with the PAC poised to highlight so-called “enemies” of reform who had rebuffed his pledge forms.

Koch has set a deadline of July 21 for candidates and sitting lawmakers to sign or be branded an “enemy.”

He plans to go on a statewide tour to stand with his heroes after the deadline passes and set up a system through which New Yorkers can send messages on Facebook, Twitter and e-mail to either thank them for signing or pressure them to do so.

Also today, Koch launched a full-featured Website NYUPRISING.ORG, which provides voters with a one-stop shopping on-line venue to track reform-minded candidates and print out a ballot to take with them to the polls on Election Day.

“I am delighted to introduce such a relatively simple tool which will enable voters to educate themselves as to who the true heroes of reform are as well as the enemies of reform,” Koch said in a press release.

“…Traveling in upstate New York during the summer is sure to be a delight. We have the most beautiful landscape in the 50 states and I look forward to seeing it and joining with ‘Heroes of Reform’ around the state.”

So far, 81 candidates have signed Koch’s pledges since the first round were distributed on May 24, including all of the statewide candidates as well as 26 sitting legislators.

Koch has admitted in multiple interviews that his most powerful weapon might be the ability to shame lawmakers into signing his pledges.

He recently hinted that if he manages to raise more cash, he might launch a billboard campaign highlighing the “heroes” and “enemies” as well.