Despite all the positive talk from legislative leaders yesterday about movement on an actual budget deal (to the extent there’s much left that hasn’t already been passed in an extender bill), Gov. David Paterson didn’t sound too optimistic this morning, suggesting another extender showdown is likely in the offing.

“I think we’ll have to do it again next week,” Paterson said on WCBS 880 AM.

“But I do think that the recognition now by the Legislature that this is the governor’s authority granted to the governor by the law will get them moving a little quicker on the budget.”

“I just want to see balanced budget passed, and I don’t want to see it encumber the next administration because I’m leaving at the end of the year, or the next generation.”

The governor noted past budget stalemates have lasted through August at least four times – a situation he called “outrageous.” This time, he said, the problem is that neither side wants to identify any cuts because they’re afraid of voter backlash.

Paterson has warned that he will continue to embed deep and painful spending cuts into the extender bills in the absence of a budget deal.

However, he told DN Capitol Bureau Chief Ken Lovett yesterday that he had not yet decided whether the controversial issue of education spending would be addressed in the extenders scheduled to be released Friday evening – assuming there is no agreement before them.

An attempt by Paterson to try to force the Legislature’s hand on the highly sensitive issue of education aid could prove very difficult. If pushed into a position of having to choose between deep cuts to schools and a government shutdown, some lawmakers might very well balk.

The trouble is at least two of the GOP senators who voted “yes” yesterday – Hugh Farley and Roy McDonald – pledged not to cross the aisle again, and Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. made it clear he won’t be voting in favor of any more cuts, either.