Taking a brief break from the GOP convention for a bit of news from the other side of the aisle: Sen. Eric Schneiderman has become the first statewide candidate to sign on to the reform pledge sent to every candidate running this fall by former Mayor Ed Koch’s PAC, New York Uprising.

Schneiderman, one of five Democratic AG contenders (all of whom were placed on the ballot at the party’s convention in Rye last week), released the following statement on his decision:

“As both an elected official and candidate for attorney general, I am proud to support this long overdue effort to reform state government from top to bottom.”

“Public trust is the most precious commodity in government, and restoring it in the state of New York must be our top priority. I applaud Mayor Koch for his leadership in fighting for redistricting reform, common sense budgeting and stronger ethics laws to give the people of New York the government they deserve.”

Koch announced yesterday that he has so far received signed pledges from 17 legislative candidates and incumbents (10 of the former, 7 of the latter). He called this a “good start.”

The Democrats are rushing to out-reform one another as the campaign season heats up in hopes of putting some daylight between themselves and the dysfunction that has worsened in Albany under the unilateral control of their party.

As a member of the Senate, which is about to celebrate (?) the one-year anniversary of the dreaded coup and subsequent 30-day deadlock, Schneiderman has to perhaps work harder than some of his fellow AG contenders to convince voters that he is not part of the Albany morass. He can, however, point to the fact that he chaired the committee that led the charge to oust former Sen. Hiram Monserrate.

Assemblyman Richard Brodsky is facing similar circumstances, and has addressed them by saying that to be anti-incumbent and/or anti-Democrat tars AG Andrew Cuomo with the same brush.