Assuming all goes according to plan and the latest budget extender passes this afternoon without a hitch, the 2010-2011 budget will be almost two-thirds of the way done – all through an unprecedented piecemeal fashion and without a single conference committee.

That’s according to a legislative source who spoke to CapTon’s Kaitlyn Ross following a three-way leaders meeting earlier today between Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Senate Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson and Gov. David Paterson.

Silver and Sampson informed reporters that the meeting was held to discuss the remainder of the budget itself – not the next round of extenders, which Paterson told DN Capitol Bureau Chief Ken Lovett over the weekend might not include the hot-button issue of education cuts.

Sampson insisted to Ross that Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. would vote “yes,” this afternoon. But Ross reports she just her the exact opposite from the Bronx Democrat.

Just to clear things up once and for all, to the extent that’s possible with Diaz Sr., I called him myself.

“They know more than I do,” the senator told me when I informed him the leadership believes he’ll be voting “yes.

“…I’m voting no, Liz. I am voting no. I am not here to negotiate. I am not that type. I said it last week when I took the Senate floor. I said it: This is the last time I’m voting for cuts. I said that. That’s what I meant.”