Sean Coffey, who has repeatedly said he thinks its inappropriate for any AG candidate to accept the endorsement of either the Independence or Working Families parties while they are under investigation, just released a statement praising his potential GOP opponent, Staten Island DA Dan Donovan, for ending his bid for Row C.

“I’d like to step across party lines for a moment and commend Dan Donovan for taking a principled stand on rejecting the Independence Party’s potential nomination,” Coffey said.

“No candidate for attorney general should seek or accept this line while it is under investigation by the Manhattan district attorney’s office on allegations of misconduct and corruption.”

“I was the first candidate in this race to remove myself from consideration and encourage all of my Democratic opponents who have not yet done so to do the same.”

This is kind of a no-brainer for Coffey. Since he has little chance of landing either the Indy or WPF lines, he has the luxury of being able to take a stand on an issue that has become something of a sticky wicket for a number of other candidates – including AG Andrew Cuomo, who took a pass on the WFP line, but accepted the Indys’ nod.

Donovan arguably has a good shot at landing the Indy line, since the party has split the baby in the past when it comes to endorsing Democrats and Republicans.

He left himself a little wiggle room in his statement today, saying he’s taking himself out of the running for Row C “at this time”, which seems to indicate that he might be willing to reconsider if the DA’s investigation into the party is resolved in its favor before the election.