Sen. Ruben Diaz Sr. informed me today that he intends to campaign “heavily, heavily, heavily” for his preferred AG candidate, Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, and predicted the Westchester Democrat will “carry the Hispanic community – at least in the Bronx, if not all of the city.”

That is, of course, a snub to Diaz Sr.’s colleague, Sen. Eric Schneiderman, who is touted by supporters as the strongest Democratic AG contender among black and Hispanic voters in the absence of a candidate of color among the hopefuls angling to replace AG Andrew Cuomo.

Diaz Sr. has reportedly been telling his fellow senators that his main goal is to thwart Schneiderman, with whom he is very angry for leading the charge to oust ex-Sen. Hiram Monserrate from the Senate following the Queens Democrat’s conviction on a misdemeanor charge of assaulting his girlfriend.

The Bronx senator has been Monserrate’s most outspoken supporter, calling yesterday in a letter to Hispanic ministers for prayers and votes for the expelled Queens pol (now running for Assembly) as well as for himself and Sens. Frank Padavan and Shirley Huntley, who are being targeted by LGBT advocates for their “no” votes on marriage.

Diaz Sr. insisted to me earlier today that his support of Brodsky has nothing to do with Schneiderman, but when he explained why he backs the assemblyman, he made an argument that sounded very anti-Schneiderman to me.

“Brodsky is the person that has shown to be a professional concerned with the Hispanic community, with minorities,” the senator said. “Brodsky has shown respect, and has not used his position stepping on other people to gain power.”

“…He has not committed hit-and-run like Eric Schneiderman.”

Diaz Sr. then said that last comment was “a joke”.

When I asked why he could not follow the lead of his colleagues, including Senate Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson, in backing Schneiderman, Diaz Sr. replied:

“How could I? How could I support him? Have you not been reading the news? Yesterday, the New York Post attacked him. Mayor Koch! The Daily News! Mayor Bloomberg! Everybody is calling him lousy.”

A Schneiderman supporter was unconcerned about Diaz Sr.’s comments, noting that given the targeting of the controversial senator for his anti-gay marriage stance by PACs like Fight Back NY and others, Schneiderman probably wouldn’t want his support anyway.

“Getting endorsed by Diaz is like Sarah Palin calling you a good Democrat,” the source sniped. “What’s next, Brodsky keynoting the Tea Party convention?”