The Senate Democrats have a pretty significant burn rate, spending more than half ($1.4 million) of the cash they reported raising over the past six months ($2.2 million, not including the $536,000 transferred in from members’ campaign accounts).

On the heels of this morning’s DN report that the majority dropped $26,000 worth of campaign cash on restaurant bills, I took a closer look at the DSCC’s expenditure report to see where all their money went.

Not surprisingly, consultants and attorneys account for much of the Democrats’ spending. I counted no fewer than 13 firms and individuals listed under the “professional” category. (Actually, The Parkside Group, one of the DSCC’s preferred consulting firms, which was paid $260,423, is listed as “other”).

G & L Consulting was paid $55,535. About the same – $52,000 – went to Prestige Communications.

UPDATE1: A reader noted that these two share the same address: 350 W. 110th St. I’m not sure who this is…But I have a suspicion.

UPDATE2: Another reader pointed out that Prestige was also paid another $70,000 from Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson’s personal campaign committee, bringing the mystery firm’s total to $122,000. If G &L and Prestige are in fact one and the same, the total is $177,535.

Also on the list: Attorney Andrew Celli’s firm ($150,869) – recall that he was involved in the legal battles that followed last year’s Senate coup. Ditto for former Senate Minority Leader Marty Connor ($23,380). Skadden Arps (the firm that is home to former Chief Judge Judith Kaye, among others) got $22,705.

Jan Feuerstadt, who is the business partner of state Democratic Party Executive Director Charlie King, was paid $15,000. The state party got $68,000 for “van access.” The Working Families Party received a $25,000 “contribution”.