True to his word, former NYC Mayor Ed Koch has released a list of state legislators and candidates who have so fare refused to sign on to the budget, ethics and redistricting reform pledges created by his PAC, New York Uprising, branding these individuals “enemies of reform.”

Two hundred and forty candidates signed – including the entire Senate GOP conference – just hours before the midnight deadline.

The full list of both can be found on the NY Uprising Website. .

Both Senate Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver are “enemies”. Silver made it clear early on that he would not be signing any pledges – basically because he simply doesn’t do them, no matter who asks. Not Koch, and not AG Andrew Cuomo, either

“F)ar too many candidates clearly want to keep our state exactly the way it is – they benefit from the corruption, the dysfunction, the inanity that defines Albany and they clearly don’t want to do anything about it,” Koch said in a press release.

“And so when you look at the condition our state is in and when you look at these candidates refusal to do anything about it, it’s clear that they truly are enemies of reform.”

All lawmakers will be sent an e-mail today informing them of their “hero” or “enemy” status, Koch said, and there is still time for the enemies to redeem themselves. Any candidate who signs the pledges can get their status changed.

Koch plans to go on a statewide tour next month to stand with the “heroes” and denounce the enemies.

Interestingly, there are only two Assembly candidates – former Assemblyman Nelson Denis, who is running for the seat Assemblyman Adam Clayton Powell IV is vacating, and Hector Ramirez, a district leader who is challenging Bronx Assemblyman Nelson Castro – on the enemies list, and four Senate candidates. (Fixed; thanks Assemblyman Michael Benjamin in the comments section).