Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson agreed on one thing when they met yesterday in Manhattan: The budget has got to get done, once and for all, and soon.

According to a legislative source, the two Democrats settled on the first week of August as a drop-dead deadline for reaching an agreement that would enable the Senate to pass the revenue bill – the last hurdle remaining between New York and a complete 2010-2011 spending plan (not to mention between lawmakers and their paychecks).

That’s more or less as far as they got, however. There is still no clear path about how to address the two outstanding issues – SUNY empowerment and FMAP – in a way that would leave both chambers (particularly the holdouts in the Senate) happy.

Another possible wrench in the works: Gov. David Paterson.

It’s unclear whether the governor will accept the revenue bill even if the Legislature passes it, because, as I’ve noted so many times before, as soon as the budget’s done, whatever relevance and power the governor is currently enjoying diminishes greatly – if not completely.

Paterson is already threatening to drag the Legislature back to Albany for an extraordinary session, although he hasn’t yet picked a date.

Silver told NY1’s Michael Scotto on “Inside City Hall” last night that he sees no need for an extraordinary session, but also didn’t sound all that optimistic about a final two-way deal any time soon.