Here we have Exhibit A of why it’s good to have big labor in your corner in a crowded statewide Democratic primary.

SEIU/1199, which is backing Sen. Eric Schneiderman to replace Andrew Cuomo as state attorney general, dropped an introductory mailer for its preferred candidate that started landing late last week. (A NYC resident told me he spotted the mailer, but he’s a registered Democrat and didn’t receive it. I assume it went only to union households).

The piece is pretty straightforward, featuring photos of Schneiderman with 1199 President George Gresham as well as with rank-and-file members of the health care workers union its City Hall steps early endorsement of him back in April.

There’s also some text about fighting for social justice being a “way of life” that Schneiderman started when he was just 15 as a tutor at the Goddard Riverside Community Center.

I’m not sure that this is the first mail to drop in the AG primary, but I’m fairly certain its one of the first to be sent out by a third party on behalf of a candidate. In a low turnout election like this primary is expected to be, the support of unions with big GOTV operations like 1199’s could prove crucial – especially if the king of driving turnout, the Working Families Party, sits on its hand until after the primary is over.

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