Sen. Eric Schneiderman has followed the lead of the man he hopes to replace, AG Andrew Cuomo, and released a policy book that details at great length – 22,500 words and 60+ pages, to be exact – his proposals on eight subject areas over which the AG has jurisdiction.

Cuomo’s policy book is called the “New NY Agenda: A Plan for Action“, and even received a review from the New York Times.

Schneiderman’s tome doesn’t have a catchy title, but apparently, there’s more where this came from.

Yes, this is merely merely Book One, and it covers the following topics:

Civil Rights; Consumer Protection; Criminal Justice; the Environment; Financial Services & Investor Protection; Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Rights; Health Care; and Public Integrity.

On that last issue, Schneiderman has helpfully provided a side-by-side comparison of his integrity-related policy proposals compared with those made by his opponents (where applicable). You can read that in full after the jump.

Up to this point, the Democratic AG candidates have been releasing white papers on this or that issue, trying to differentiate themselves – or, as the case may be, out-liberal one another – in hopes of getting a toehold in the crowded field.

But Schneiderman is the first one to go this comprehensive, or, as Maggie Haberman puts it “undeniably meaty” route.

Public Integrity Candidate Comparison Chart