The Buffalo News reports that Sean Coffey is jumping into the “turbulent waters of Erie County Democratic politics” today by throwing his support behind embattled Sen. Bill Stachowski, who faces a tough primary challenge from County Legislator Tim Kennedy.

This endorsement is a roundabout effort by Coffey to hit one of his Democratic AG primary opponents, Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice.

His logic is a little circuitous, but basically is as follows: Kennedy is close to Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr.’s controversial counsel, Steve Pigeon, whom Coffey has been trying to tie to Rice since the Democratic convention in Rye.

But Coffey’s gambit is blowing up in his face a bit when it comes to the Western NY LGBT community. A blogger on Pink BFLO (“Our city, only gayer”) wrote that news of the candidate’s decision to support Stachowski “comes as quite a shock”, adding:

“He supports marriage equality, and a 45-minute discussion with him several weeks ago, revealed that the former Naval Officer has always been against the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ policy espoused by the federal government.”

“…You can’t very well go to Albany claiming to be a reformer while you back 30 years of failed, bigoted leadership.”

“Not to mention that fact that Stachowski is almost single-handedly responsible for holding up the New York State budget. And, he has denied civil rights to lgbt families and individuals time and time again. Coffey’s endorsement of him shows a lack of moral conviction, commitment to equality, and quite frankly, politics as usual.”

Stachowski is one of eight Senate Democrats who voted “no” on gay marriage last December, and the move has made him a target of the LGBT community.

ESPA, for example, has backed Kennedy, who is pro-gay marriage, in spite of the fact that the Conservative Party has endorsed the legislator, leading Stachowski to accuse him of hypocrisy during a recent “Capital Tonight” interview.

UPDATE1: Coffey campaign spokeswoman Tammy Sun sent the following statement in response to this post:

“The Conservative Party’s litmus test for candidates they endorse has always been a strong opposition to marriage equality. Without evidence of public statements to support equality, and with the backing of the Conservative Party, advocates for same-sex marriage have reason to doubt Tim Kennedy’s position on the issue.”

“We would welcome Mr. Kennedy to the equality movement and respectfully submit a question: Do you, in fact, support marriage-equality? Until and unless Mr. Kennedy issues a public statement in support of same-sex marriage, this race has no candidate in support of marriage equality.”

“Sean’s commitment to LGBT issues is well-documented and well-known. He will never relent in his vociferous fight for equality and justice – in marriage, housing, jobs and other critical issues. The singular purpose for Sean Coffey’s endorsement of Bill Stachowski today is the urgent need for reform, which requires rooting out public corruption at every level of government.”

“Bill Stachowski is dead wrong on marriage equality – but he is exactly where the people of Western New York need him to be on issues of accountability, transparency and change in Albany.”

UPDATE2: There’s also this statement from Kennedy’s campaign spokesman, Joe Malczewski:

“Mr. Coffey should have done his homework before touting Senator Stachowski here in Western New York. Had he done so, he would have realized that Senator Stachowski has accepted hundreds of dollars on numerous occasions from Steve Pigeon, including a $350 contribution in May of this year.”

“If Mr. Coffey would have simply followed the paper trail, he could have avoided looking out-of-touch and hypocritical.