Assemblyman Joseph Errigo is poised to endorse AG Andrew Cuomo, according to our Josh Robin, who is covering the candidate on his latest upstate swing.


This marks the second time a Republican state lawmaker has crossed party lines to support the Democratic gubernatorial frontrunner.

The first was Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava, who has a history of backing Democrats (or, at least as far as the NY-23 special election from which she was bounced for being too moderate is concerned).

Interestingly, both Errigo and Scozzafava are not seeking re-election this fall, so they don’t have to worry about any reprecussions from their fellow Republicans.

Still, this is not good news for either Rick Lazio, the GOP/Conservative designee, who has got to feel a bit of a sting when fellow members of his party would rather back a Democrat than support him; or Carl Paladino, who has been amassing a base of support in his native Western New York.

Errigo hails from Conesus, which is outside of Rochester. When he announced back in April that he wouldn’t be running again in the 130th AD, he said he was fed up with Albany and its dysfunction.

Errigo, as you may recall, blew the whistle on Eric Council Executive Chris Collins, confirming the Republican would-be gubernatorial candidate had made an inappropriate remark to a woman while at the State of the State this past January.

Collins penchant for making off-color remarks contributed to his decision not to run statewide this year. He has since endorsed his fellow Buffalonian, Paladino, for governor.