Not to be outdone by Sean Coffey’s show of outer borough support earlier today, Nassau County Executive Kathleen Rice is poised to announce she has landed the endorsement of Queens Assemblywoman Grace Meng, the Legislature’s lone Asian-American member.

In a statement released by the Rice campaign, Meng played up her status as a working mom, which is interesting, given that the DA is not only single and childless, but has been criticized for a position on working motherhood that she took early on in her tenure.

“As the only Asian-American elected official in Albany, a public interest attorney, a grassroots political activist and a new mom balancing the demands of a busy job with parenthood, I know that Kathleen Rice is the best person for me to partner with in state government,” Meng said.

“With every election, real advocates like Kathleen and I are making further inroads into government, and every underrepresented New Yorker benefits. I’m proud to endorse her.”

Also worth noting: The Queens Democratic Party never issued a formal endorsement of an AG contender (at least not that I recall).

The organization was at one point leaning in the DA’s direction, but then Democratic leaders from Queens and the Bronx stayed out of the convention hall during the vote in Rye as part of a complicated and pre-negotiated deal to put all five of the candidates on the ballot.