The Queens Democratic Party blasted out this invite today to an event on the steps of Borough Hall Thursday afternoon at which its chairman, Rep. Joe Crowley, will endorse Nassau County DA Kathleen Rice for AG.


A Queens insider noted that while the endorsement is coming from Crowley alone and not the entire committee, the Queens party is generally disciplined and leader-driven, so this is like a de facto nod from the entire organization.

Prior to the Democratic convention in Rye, Rice landed the support of Brooklyn Democratic Chairman Vito Lopez (although both Sen. Eric Schneiderman and, more recently, Sean Coffey, have made in-roads into the borough), and also received nods from her home county organization (headed by state Democratic Chairman Jay Jacobs) and the neighboring Suffolk County Democrats, too.

Rice was expected to get a pre-convention nod from Queens, but that never materialized. (Interesting to note that AG Andrew Cuomo maintains strong ties to the Queens Democratic Party, which is the organization of his youth).

At the convention, all five Democratic AG contenders were put onto the ballot thanks to a complicated, micro-managed – and very lengthy – floor vote.

I wrote yesterday about the fight among the AG contenders for outer borough voters.

The Manhattan Democratic Party endorsed its hometown elected official, Schneiderman, before the convention. Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, who hails from Westchester, has support in neighboring Bronx County. The Bronx Democratic Party has not formally endorsed an AG candidate yet.

Staten Island DA Dan Donovan, the lone Republican in the race, is likely to do well in his home county in the general election.