The Working Families Party is off the hook with the US attorney’s office, according to the following statement just released by the labor-backing organization’s spokesman Dan Levitan:

“In December 2009, we announced that the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York was conducting an investigation concerning the Working Families Party and Data & Field Services, Inc. We were advised last night that the U.S. Attorney’s Office has decided to close its investigation without the filing of any charges. ”

“The Working Families Party and Data & Field Services cooperated fully with the extensive investigation conducted by the government. We appreciate the professionalism of the U.S. Attorney’s Office.”

“Of course, the NYC Campaign Finance Board, as part of the post-election audit process of campaigns that participate in the public campaign finance system, is auditing the campaigns that contracted for services with Data & Field Services in 2009.”

“We are gratified that the federal investigation has concluded and look forward to continuing our work for good schools, good jobs, and good government.”

Recall that AG Andrew Cuomo refused to take the WFP line, indicating he would prefer to wait and see what the outcome of the investigation would bring.

This upset a number of WFP stakeholders, who noted the fact that the state Independence Party is under investigation didn’t stop the AG from accepting Row C.

As it turns out, that situation has only worsened since Cuomo agreed to take the Indy nod. Now not one, but two DAs – Manhattan and Staten Island – are looking into the state’s largest third party and it has become clear that the party itself, not just indicted GOP consultant John Haggerty, is in the crosshairs.

Cuomo had argued that Haggerty was the sole focus of the probes, while the WFP as an organization was being investigated by the US attorney’s office. Now it’s clear that’s no longer the case.

However, the real problem for Cuomo when it comes to the WFP isn’t only the investigation, it’s also the party’s liberal ideology, which does not mesh with his fiscally conservative platform.