Gov. David Paterson used his cameo on Saturday Night Live last night to get back at the show for poking fun of his disability, telling its cast: “You should be sorry; you have poked so much fun at me for being blind that I forgot I was black.”

That was his best line of the night.

Paterson appeared with his SNL doppelganger, Fred Armisen, who kicked off the scene with one of his trademark New Jersey jokes and then launched into a bit about driving without being able to see. That provided the entrance cue for the governor, who called himself “the real deal, not some cheap imitation, just classic Paterson.”

“Working in Albany is a lot like watching Saturday Night Live,” Paterson joked. “There’s a lot of characters, it’s funny for ten minutes and then you just want it to go away.”

The governor said jokes “that degrade people just for their disabilities sophomoric and stupid,” and then touted his own record of cutting the budget and keeping the state from issuing IOUs, adding with his trademark bravado: “I’m blind, I’m the governor and I’m still alive; now how much better do you want me to be?”

He also riffed on Armisen’s New Jersey bit.

I’m still not clear on why Paterson decided to go on SNL, which has spent the past several years making fun of him. Although Armisen-as-Paterson perhaps put it best when he said the following after being asked about the current gubernatorial horserace:

“I feel a little neglected, Seth, with all the excitement around Paladino and Cuomo I feel a little forgotten. I haven’t felt this left out since Avatar.”

Make sure to watch this clip all the way to the end, which is when what might have been the funniest moment occurs.