The Paladino campaign is employing a classic strategy to soften/humanize the mad-as-hell gubernatorial nominee by deploying his wife, Cathy, whose agreement to provide two interviews with major NYC dailies resulted in sympathetic stories address the controversial issue of the daughter he fathered with another woman.

Carl Paladino broke the news to his wife in the same week that the couple had lost their 29-year-old son, Patrick, in a car accident. She was the last in the family to learn about the existence of Sarah, who was the result of a brief affair over a decade ago.

“‘He said he was very sorry to cause me pain, the relationship with the mother was over…and there was a child,” Cathy Paladino recalled to the Times’ Susan Dominus.

“…’Then he waited for me to say something,” she said. “And the only thing I said is: ‘Every child is a gift. You’re a lucky man.’ And I still feel that way. You know, I had lost my son. And when you lose a child, everything that seems so important or that you would find disagreeable – it doesn’t matter.”

Cathy Paladino told The Post’s Maureen Callahan her husband had hidden Sarah from her even long after the couple’s three children already knew about her “out of protection,” adding: “And, in retrospect, you know, maybe I’m glad for that 10 years, you know?”

Callahan delves a bit more deeply into the Paladinos’ marriage, finding Carl Paladino is a workaholic who isn’t home for dinner all that much.

The Post also tracked down Sarah’s mother, Suzanne Brady, who has a Carl Paladino campaign sign on her front lawn and maintains a friendly relationship with her daughter’s father (according to the paper, the trio went on a vacation to Italy with Cathy Paladino’s blessing).

The paper’s interview with Brady did not sit well with Carl Paladino, who was reportedly “irate” that a reporter had staked out his young daughter’s home.