Sen. Neil Breslin was pulled over two nights ago by a State Police trooper and given a field sobriety test, which he passed, a spokesman for the Senate Democrats confirmed.

“On Tuesday night, Senator Breslin was pulled over by a State Trooper after flashing his high-beams at a car that abruptly cut him off,” Austin Shafran said in a prepared statement.

“After providing the officer with a valid license and registration, Senator Breslin agreed to a routine field test, which he immediately passed. No tickets were issued, and no charges were filed.”

A State Police spokesman declined to comment, saying the agency’s policy is to not release information about people who are pulled over and subsequently found to have done nothing wrong.

Word of the Delmar attorney’s recent bush with the law got the rumor mill running in high gear today, particularly since it comes so close to the general election, in which Breslin is being challenged by Republican Bob Domenici and Reform Party candidate Michael Carey.

The campaign has not been entirely smooth for Breslin, although he held off a spirited primary challenge from his fellow Democrat, Luke Martland, on Sept. 14.

Breslin spent several hours holed up in his office at the state Capitol while a YNN reporter, Solomon Syed, who made it clear he was there to speak with the senator about the incident Tuesday night, waited outside. A secretary told Syed no one was in the senator’s office.

As it turns out, Breslin was in his office, and he eventually spoke to Syed.

The senator told Syed he had been waiting for members of the media to leave so he could go home and watch a ball game. He told Syed the same details of the incident that Shafran had provided in his statement, saying he had gotten out of the car and walked along the line by the side of the road. He was not issued a breathalyzer.