Here’s some footage of Carl Paladino meeting with Hasidic rabbis in Williamsburg earlier today, reading from remarks that his campaign says were prepared for him in advance by Orthodox supporters.

The remarks were apparently distributed verbatim to reporters on the sidewalk who weren’t allowed inside due to their gender, and reported in full.

But Paladino campaign manager Michael Caputo insists the candidate, who says he has a “live and let live” approach (perhaps because his own nephew – his wife’s sister’s son – is gay), edited out the most homophobic parts of the speech.

Specifically, Caputo noted, Paladino did not say the following: “There is nothing to be proud of in being a dysfunctional homosexual. That’s not how God created us.”

Some early stories that reported on Paladino’s speech have since been changed to reflect this. The “brainwashed about homosexuality” line was, in fact, delivered.

Not that what he actually said wasn’t controversial enough. Andrew Cuomo’s campaign wasted no time in seeking to capitalize on this incident, issuing a scathing statement slamming Paladino. The Log Cabin Republicans have since indicated they’re unlikely to endorse him.

Meanwhile, Caputo issued a lengthy statement, which appears in full after the jump, that accuses a member of Cuomo’s campaign staff of making a threat to gay Paladino supporters. Caputo attached a photo of the individual in question and also brought back to light the old “Vote for Cuomo, Not the Homo” slur from Mario Cuomo vs. Ed Koch that so infuriated the former NYC mayor and caused a deep rift between himself and the Cuomos that lasted decades.

The man introducing Paladino in the first video, who speaks of Democrats keeping Orthodox Jews “down on the plantation” and describes the Republican “coarse” but “telling it like it is”, is Rabbi Yehuda Levin, who bonded with the Buffalo businessman recently over their shared animosity of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

“First Andrew Cuomo’s campaign called Carl Paladino anti-Semitic,” Caputo said. “Then they called him a racist, then anti-women and now a homophobe.”

“Of course they don’t correct themselves as they careen down their dirty campaign trail: Carl’s made his comments about gay marriage at an event with supporters in the Orthodox Jewish community. May we now delete the first name Cuomo’s camp called Carl, as the Orthodox Jewish community clearly doesn’t think Carl’s an anti-Semite?”

Carl’s position on gay marriage is exactly equivalent to that of the Catholic Church. If Andrew Cuomo has a problem with the Catholic Church’s position on gay marriage, he needs to take that up with his parish priest – if they are still talking after Andrew’s public support of partial birth abortion.”

“On Friday, August 20th, Paladino campaign staffers and volunteers followed Andrew Cuomo around the Wyoming County fair. One of our supporters was dressed as a duck – to highlight Cuomo’s routine ducking of the issues – and the rest were walking along with Cuomo blowing duck calls.”

“A Cuomo staffer, whose photograph is attached, accosted two gay males in the Paladino group, saying: ‘If you girls
don’t get out of here I’m going to shove those duck calls down your throats.'”

“This is illegal assault, and likely a hate crime since the Cuomo staffer clearly referenced their sexuality in his threat. The Paladino staffer, Carl’s nephew, and our volunteer escaped without harm.”

“Before Andrew Cuomo can anything to say about homophobia, he needs to root it out in his own ranks. The man who authored the ‘Vote Cuomo, not the Homo’ line and who refused to lobby in favor of gay marriage
needs to rethink his tactics before he calls out any more names.”