In an exclusive one-on-one with CapTon’s Mike Whittemore at the Desmond last night, GOP/Conservative gubernatorial nominee Carl Paladino said he’s sorry for his “choice of words” in the anti-gay speech he delivered last Sunday, but continues to stand by the sentiment behind them.

Whittemore noted that Paladino’s apology yesterday afternoon came after he had appeared on national TV shows and insisted he had no regrets about telling ultra-Orthodox rabbis in Brooklyn that children shouldn’t be “brainwashed” into thinking homosexuality is a “valid” lifestyle option.

“‘Im not saying saying that I would change the comments, OK? My comments were well-directed,” Paladino said. “I don’t think we should be teaching kids about it in school. Ok? Underage kids. I just don’t think so.”

“Adults? They’re adults and they can witness or see or experience anything they want. When it comes to issues of morality, it should be the parent teaching the children issues on morality.”

“The other question was, I believe, on the issue of brainwashing for education, OK. That was an inappropriate word. I don’t think children should learn.”

“I didn’t have to say ‘brainwashing,’ OK? It was too strong of a word. That was inappropriate. So yes, at the time I said that I stand strong on my comments, but my choice of wording, that’s what I’m apologizing for right now. My wording should have been better.”

Paladino also blamed the Cuomo campaign for the release of the unedited speech written for him by Rabbi Yehuda Levin, which he did not deliver in its entirety. That’s odd, because I was under the impressed the speech was handed out to reporters at the scene.

NOTE: As for the rather…unusual way this video starts. Well, I had nothing to do with that.