NY1 contributor Gerson Berrero is reporting that former State Senator Hiram Monserrate has surrendered to federal authorities in Manhattan.

According to Berrero’s report, federal charges will be presented today as part of an unsealed indictment. He reports the charges are a result of Monserrate funneling hundreds of thousands of city dollars to a not-for-profit in Queens called LIBRE, or Latino Initiative for Better Resources & Empowerment. This happened when Monserrate was a member of the city council.

Monserrate was kicked out of the senate by his colleagues back in early 2010, after he was convicted of misdemeanor assault of his then girlfriend, Karla Giraldo.

Update: Monserrate’s attorney Joe Tacopina just spoke to NY1 and told them that the former Senator has not turned himself in yet, but will shortly. He expects Monserrate will be in court later this afternoon. Tacopina says he does not know what the charges are at this time, but believes they are in connection to the slush fund scandal.