…That would be Democratic gubernatorial frontrunner Andrew Cuomo and erstwhile gubernatorial candidate Tom Golisano, who has been quietly advising his fellow WNYer, Carl Paladino, in his quest to defeat the AG in the fight for the state’s top post this fall.

A source close to Cuomo confirmed the AG met privately with Golisano during the Clinton Global Initiative in Manhattan late last month. (Golisano is a big underwriter of the event, and Cuomo is a former Clinton cabinet member).

The retired Paychex billionaire switched his official residence to Florida as a sign of protest to New York’s ever-growing property tax burden. However, he maintains a house in Monroe County – which has the nation’s highest property taxes compared to home value – and recently gave a seminar on how to successfully challenge your tax assessment.

Cuomo did not directly seek Golisano’s endorsement, according to my source, but the topic of the governor’s race did, of course, come up.

“It was a generic conversation, and I don’t know that he’s supporting (Cuomo) or anyone else,” the source said.

“It was more of a courtesy meeting. He’s been sort of disengaged since he moved to Florida, and the whole (Majority Leader Pedro) Espada thing had to leave a bad taste in his mouth.”

Golisano, as you’ll recall, played a big role in the 2009 Senate coup and subsequent 31-day stalemate, the most lasting result of which was a six-figure job for his longtime advisor, former Erie County Democratic Chairman Steve Pigeon, as Espada’s counsel.

Pigeon’s days in that post are numbered since Espada was defeated in the Sept. 14 Democratic primary by newcomer Gustavo Rivera.

Golisano and Paladino share a consultant, Roger Stone, who is an unpaid advisor to Paladino and worked on Golisano’s third and final failed bid for governor on the Independence line in 2002. While Golisano has been advising Paladino, he has so far not ponied up any cash to assist him.