During a press gaggle this morning in San Juan, Andrew Cuomo wouldn’t comment about a NY Post report that Assembly members close to him are quietly plotting to overthrow Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver.

Instead, he focused on another report by the NY Post, that suggests the Speaker is supportive of some of Cuomo’s fiscally conservative positions. (It starts about 3:30 into the clip)

“I read today that Sheldon Silver basically is supporting no new taxes, which I have been talking about so I welcome that,” Cuomo told our reporters. “I’ve been saying that all through the campaign. we have to close the deficit. Now it’s estimated to be about $9 billion.”

Cuomo continued, “We have to redesign the programs to make sure we’re still providing services to people who need them but we need to to do it with no new taxes and to the extent that today’s article suggests Sheldon Silver supports that position, that’s great. That’s what I’ve been talking about for months. I welcome his support and I welcome the support of the assembly.”