Sen. Chuck Schumer is continuing he “thank-you” tour to demonstrate his appreciation to New York voters for returning him to Washington for another six years with just shy of 66 percent of the vote.

(That’s not a personal best, for the record. In 2004, Schumer won with an historic 71 percent of the vote against little-known GOP Assemblyman Howard Mills. So, one might argue that Jay Townsend at least prevented the senior sentor from making another PR).

Schumer was in New York City and on Long Island yesterday. Today’s schedule (weather permitting) includes Albany, Syracuse, Rochester and Buffalo. The senator has been hitting the “middle class” mantra hard, and today was no different.

And then, in response to a question from YNN’s Steve Ference about whether it might be time to change leadership in the Senate, even though the Democrats managed to retain the majority and Sen. Harry Reid successfully fended off a challenge from Tea Partier Sharon Angle.

“Not looking at individual personalities, as everyone knows I supported Harry Reid,” Schumer said.

“I said up here that he would win when people didn’t believe me. And he is a friend of mine, and I believe in loyalty. But I also believe we need some change – in the Senate, in the House, and on the other side of Pennsylvania Avenue. By both Democrats and Republicans.”

Schumer chalked his success at the ballot box when so many other Democrats across the state and nation failed to the fact that his focus on been on “what people here in Albany and the Capital Region tell me they want me,” adding: “I am proud of that, and I am going to continue to do that.”

He suggested there needs to be “greater focus to keep that American dream alive, which means good paying jobs for ourselves and our children, and stretching that paycheck.”