He’s baaaaack.

Not surprisingly, failed GOP/Conservative gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino is not impressed with the first steps of his old nemesis, Gov. Andrew Cuomo, saying the Democratic governor hasn’t done enough to improve transparency and ethics in the early days of his new administration.

Speaking to Curtis Sliwa (also not a Cuomo fan…recall his “King Cuomo” act during the campaign) on AM 970 The Apple, Paladino denigrated the governor’s executive order mandating ethics training for top state appointees, saying:

“You know, there’s a lot of diversion here on the ethics. A one-hour ethics course, is that going to really clean up ethics in government? I think we need a bill to clean up ethics in government. We need a strong ethics bill that will do more than it has in the past.”

Interestingly, Paladino is on the same page here with the NY Times editorial board, which also called recently for Cuomo to introduce an omnibus ethics bill sometime during his first week in office.

The new governor is also being pressured to take decisive action by good government advocates, who are having a press conference down at the LOB this morning.

Paladino slammed Cuomo’s settlement with Albany lobbyist Pat Lynch, saying he thought her $500,000 fine and ban on lobbying the state comptroller’s office amounted to little more than a “slap on the wrist.”

He accused Cuomo of going easy on her because she’s a member of the “friends and family club,” which is actually a little odd, since Lynch is a former top aide to Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and not seen as a member of Team Cuomo.

Asked by Sliwa what his “biggest fear” is about the nascent Cuomo administration, the Buffalo businessman responded:

“He’s going to play the same game of smoke and mirrors. He hasn’t talked about transparency. He hasn’t talked about opening up and delaing with the secret meetings.”

“…As long as you have three men in a room playing games in secret, you’re going to have the same problems we’ve had in the past. Nothing is going to be exposed.”

Apparently, doing away with “Fort Pataki” by opening up the second floor and removing the concrete barriers from around the state Capitol – admittedly both largely symbolic gestures by Cuomo – wasn’t enough for Paladino.

Paladino had some harsh words for Mayor Bloomberg and NJ Gov. Chris Christie for their handling of post-blizzard snow removal (admittedly, he was egged on by Sliwa), saying the two executives should have been better prepared and called in reinforcements from municipalities that weren’t as hard hit by the storm.

Paladino said he’s settling back into his life as a private citizen (and amateur media critic), he didn’t directly rule out running for office again, although he insisted during the campaign that he wouldn’t be re-entering the political arena. He did say, however, that he won’t be running for president as a Tea Party candidate.