Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has filed a petition with the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission urging it to take enforcement action against the plant for its failure to comply with fire safety regulations.

Schneiderman says that compliance with these safety requirements is vital to ensuring the facility would be able to safely shut down during and after an emergency.

“In the wake of Japan’s crisis, our country’s nuclear facilities should be bolstering their safety measures, yet Indian Point is looking to weaken its precautionary measures,” Schneiderman said in a press release.

“It is absolutely essential for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to compel the facility to comply with all fire safety measures – both to secure the plant’s emergency systems and ensure the safety of the tens of millions of people living in the region.”

According to the AG’s office, the plant has not complied with safety code requirements, including installing required fire detectors or fire suppression systems and strengthening electrical cables to withstand fire damage. He also notes that installing automatic response systems should be put in place, rather than employees performing a series of complex manual actions.

Earlier this month Schneiderman put pressure on the NRC to consider seismic risk in relation to the re-licensing of Indian Point, an argument the state has heretofore been unsuccessful in making while seeking to prevent the nuclear plant from getting permission to remain open for another 20 years.

Meanwhile, according to today’s Siena poll, Nearly three-quarters of voters say they are “concerned” about the safety of New York’s nuclear power plants and a majority opposes building new nuclear power plants in the state.