ICYMI: Sen. Liz Krueger, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee (thanks to Sen. Carl Kruger’s legal troubles) told me during a CapTon interview that she’ll have trouble voting “yes” on a budget that doesn’t include rent control, and believes a number of her colleagues feel the same way.

Of course, that seems at the moment to be a very strong possibility. Gov. Andrew Cuomo said as much last week, after previously suggesting he agreed that the rent laws and property tax cap were “connected” and should be dealt with in the budget.

“That may be one of the key issues for me as a legislator,” Krueger, an Upper East Side lawmaker told me.

“If there is not rent regulation in the budget, or an ability to believe that we are ending up with much stronger laws long before June 15th, the deadline, that may be a basis for me and many of my Senate Democrat colleagues not to be able to vote for this budget.”

I asked Krueger if she thought there could be a Wisconsin-type quorum problem when it comes time to vote on a budget – assuming a deal is forthcoming at some point. “It’s a lovely state, but I hadn’t actually planned any trips to Massachusetts in the near future,” she joked.

Krueger did note that a quorum of 38 of the 62 senators in needed in the chamber to vote on budget bills. “Technically,” she said there are 32 Republicans, four independent Democrats who have been voting mostly with the GOP and 26 Democrats. That still leaves the majority short two Democrats.

“The math is interesting,” Krueger acknowledged.

It’s a safe bet that there are some Democrats in the Assembly chamber who feel the same way. While it doesn’t appear likely they’ll hold up the entire budget on this issue, they may very well vote “no.”