Albany County Executive Michael Breslin may be stepping down, but his brother Sen. Neil Breslin says he isn’t going anywhere.

“I’ve never been more excited to run again. I look forward to getting back in the majority and look forward to running again and campaigning again,” Breslin told me this afternoon.

And he’s got no interest in seeking his brother’s job.

“I did see a mention of that, I have no interest in running for county executive,” Breslin said.

The lawmaker faced a difficult re-election campaign last year in an anti-incumbent season.

After facing a spirited challenge from Luke Martland, he was pulled over by State Police, but not charged after passing a sobriety test. He went on to win the general election in November by a wide margin. Update: A reader, I think correctly, points out that Breslin won re-election by a 54-40 percent margin, which is not exactly a wide margin for a Democratic incumbent.