Gov. Andrew Cuomo predicted today the property tax cap debate between his office and the Senate and Assembly will be “brisk” in the coming weeks.

Speaking to reporters at the news conference swearing in Kenneth Adams and Darrel Aubertine, Cuomo said the tax cap, along with an ethics bill and an extension of rent regulations are priorities for the rest of the year.

“There’s always room for negotiations, this is Albany, the property tax cap is a priority,” the governor said.

Asked later about Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos’ comments that a negotiation over the cap could result in a weaker bill than the governor’s 2 percent proposal, Cuomo said he would stick with his proposal on the cap.

“Are there different opinions on the cap? Yes. And have you new facts and different circumstances on the cap? Yes. I understand there will be a brisk dialogue and I’m ready for it.”

Earlier today, Skelos said he hoped Cuomo would hold firm on his original proposal for the cap, which would limit annual increases in local property taxes at 2 percent or the rate of inflation.

Here’s Cuomo’s responses to questions about the cap: