Indian Point, the Westchester County-based nuclear plant on the Hudson River, is running a series of 60-second radio spots in the wake of the devastating Japanese earthquake and tsunami that again raised concerns over safety at the aging facility.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Attorney General Eric Schneiderman have both taken a fresh look into the plant’s ability to withstand an earthquake, as well as man-made catastrophes.

Entergy, the plant’s owner, has a history of quickly responding to charges the facility isn’t safe or would endanger the high-density population that lives within meltdown range.

Here’s the script from the radio ad:

My name is Joe Pollock, and I’m in charge of running the Indian Point Energy Center safely.

We understand your need to hear from us about the safety of Indian Point, so here are some facts:

Indian Point has been designed to withstand an earthquake 100 times the magnitude of the strongest earthquake ever recorded in this area.

However, it is important to remember it was the tsunami, not the earthquake, that caused the loss of power to the cooling systems at the Japan plants.

At Indian Point, we’ve added multiple layers of on-site backup power sources that are safe from flooding to assure our cooling systems will work whenever they are needed.

All who work here have complete confidence in the safety of our plants. We continuously upgrade our systems, train constantly, and build redundancies in all our operations to assure safety.

Our families and friends live here too. We would not be here, if we didn’t also believe that Indian Point provides clean, reliable, lower cost power, SAFELY.