The New York State Association of Realtors will release a $750,000 advertising blitz Wednesday to push for the passage of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 2 percent property tax cap.

The campaign, which has a home at the yet-to-be-launched, will use print, television and radio spots with the goal of getting the Democratic-led Assembly to approve the cap.

This is yet another business group coming to the aid of Cuomo. The governor received help from a coalition of business groups, the Committee to Save New York, who backed his fiscal austerity plan during the budget season.

The Republican-controlled Senate already approved a the cap, which would limit annual property tax increases at 2 percent or the rate of inflation.

There’s been some doubt cast on whether the Senate GOP wants a “hard cap” after Sen. John Flanagan said mandate relief was a concern for local governments and school districts.

With many school districts facing steep cuts in spending, education advocates and some legislators say having them operate within a 2 percent cap would be difficult, even if the cap takes effect next year.

“I think those are reasonable concerns, but you have to start somewhere,” said Duncan MacKenzie, the chief executive officer of the state Association of Realtors. “You have to cut spending and force them to make reasonable choices.”

He also said a cap could stand apart without mandate relief.

“I think you can, it would be better to have it with it, but it can stand alone,” MacKenzie said.

The association will be one of several groups participating in a news conference with Senate Republicans later today, as the GOP conference tries to reframe the argument and insist they’re in favor of the cap.