Senate and Assembly Republicans held a news conference this afternoon to reiterate — multiple times to the point of ad nauseum — they did, indeed pass Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s 2 percent cap on property taxes.

In fact, the repetition of that fact — the Senate approved Cuomo’s bill on Jan. 31 — occurred even on answers to questions about whether mandate relief should be included in the final passage of the cap.

Skelos, as he has said before, said he does not want to negotiate the cap, fearing it would be watered down.

“If it waters down the bill, no,” he responded to a question about negotiating a bill with Cuomo and the Assembly.

“We passed it, and we believe and hope the Assembly will pass it,” Skelos added.

Asked if mandate relief should be paired with the tax cap, of it it should at least come first, Skelos responded: “Let me just reiterate on Jan. 31 the Senate passed the property tax cap, the governor’s program bill. We are sticking with the governor.”

Republicans also unveiled an online petition urging the Assembly to take up the measure. Assembly Minority Leader attempted to push through the tax cap by adding it to the rent regulation expansion that passed the chamber on Monday, but the amendment failed.

The news conference included a collection of business lobbyists who said the ball was firmly in the court of Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, D-Manhattan.

“It needs to be put out on the floor, it needs to get it there for an up or down vote,” said Brian Sampson, the executive director of the pro-business Unshackle Upstate.

Skelos and his 32-member majority have come under increasing pressure to negotiate the cap in light of a story in Newsday quoting Suffolk County Republican Sen. John Flanagan, who said a cap may not clear this year because of a lack of mandate relief.

It is unlikely that a cap as proposed by Cuomo would be able to pass this year in the Assembly. Cuomo himself has said he would be willing to negotiate a cap.