While Gov. Andrew Cuomo was in Onondaga to kickoff his People First campaign, Empire State Development Corp. Chairman Kenneth Adams appeared before chambers of commerce leaders to deliver a similar pitch on same-sex marriage, ethics and a property-tax cap.

Adams framed all issues as business-friendly directives meant to make the state more competitive, saying that same-sex marriage legalization, for instance, would bring a “host of economic benefits.”

Speaking after his speech, Adams said the 2 percent cap would force a discussion on reducing spending at the local level.

The tax cap has to come first. People have called it a blunt instrument, you know, I don’t think it is necessary so blunt, but the point is, the cap comes first. It forces fiscal discipline, and out of that can come conversations about government efficiency and ways to reduce costs. But as the Governor said, the tax cap has to come first. And it will drive the rest of the discussion.