Reporters late last night received in their inboxes statements from the Rev. Duane Motley and the Rev. Jason McGuire, who both knocked Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell’s introduction of a same-sex marriage legalization bill.

“Granting marriage licenses to same-sex partners would mean encouraging and promoting family structures that deny children of either a mom or a dad,” said McGuire, the CEO of New Yorker’s Family Research Foundation.

“One of the chief purposes of civil marriage is to connect children with their biological parents, and particularly with their fathers. Redefining marriage to encompass same-sex partnerships undermines that purpose.”

Motley, of the New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms, said lawmakers voting in favor of the measure would be imperiled in their next election.

No doubt watching the steady stream of votes that had been for gay ‘marriage’ leave the State Assembly (some through last November’s lost election seats, others through retirement or appointments to the Cuomo administration) is causing some consternation in the lower chamber, he said.

Publicly, the Democratic leadership in the State Assembly is saying the votes are there, but the vote will certainly be much closer than it was last time. There is reason for gay ‘marriage’ advocates to be nervous.

But gay marriage advocates point to high poll numbers in support for the issue, with one showing 58 percent of voters believing same-sex marriage should be legalized.

It was assumed Gov. Andrew Cuomo would introduce the measure as a program bill himself. There is no Senate version in the GOP-controlled chamber.

Cuomo is trying to pass a same-sex marriage bill this year after the measured failed to be approved in 2009. It went down in defeat in the Senate, 38-24.