Gov. Andrew Cuomo plans to unveil a new, less generous pension tier for state employees that’s designed to save more than $90 billion over 30 years, the Associated Press is reporting.

The move comes as the governor is trying to seek $450 million worth of concessions this year from the state public-employee unions.

From the AP story:

If approved by the Legislature, the proposal would increase the retirement age to 65 for all public employees hired after the law was passed. It would also end early retirement, force employees to pay twice as much toward their pension, and end the “padding” of pensions through overtime pay, sick time and other means.

Current employees and retirees wouldn’t be affected. New York City has a separate pension fund and city officials are considering their own pension reforms.

The two officials spoke to The Associated Press on the condition of anonymity because Cuomo hadn’t yet announced the legislative proposal.

A Cuomo spokesman declined to comment.

The new tier would be even more ambitious than the approach taken by Gov. David Paterson, who created the Tier V pension plan, which saves $35 billion over 30 years.

A source in the Cuomo administration has confirmed this report. Also, CSEA spokesman Steve Madarasz tells us that this plan “complicates” current negotiations with the state’s biggest public employee unions.