As promised, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver today unveiled a 2 percent cap on local and school property taxes that excludes the growth of pensions.

Other differences from the plan backed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo include providing for unexpected growth in the property base, allowing a “carryover’ provision of up to 1.5 percent from one yeat to the next, and allows for any increase in the full value of taxable property.

The measure would also allow 60 percent of voters to override the cap for a special project, a provision that was included in the Cuomo proposal whichy passed the Republican-led Senate Jan. 31.

Included in the Assembly proposal is an expiration date for the cap, which woulde be tied to rent control laws. Recall that after the idea was floated, it was quickly shot down by Cuomo’s office.

“This property tax cap proposal is designed to save money for the working families across the state struggling during these difficult economic times, while ensuring that our school districts and local governments are not denied the ability to deliver critical services,” Silver said in a statement.

“This model will allow for adequate growth, without shortchanging our schools and communities.”

The Cuomo proposal was unlikely to pass the Democratic-controlled Assembly. Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos in recent days has signaled a willingness to at least look at the Assembly cap proposal.