The New York Bar Association is laying out the legal argument today for the legalization of same-sex marriage, the same day that Mayor Michael Bloomberg is in Albany to likely push the issue as well.

“The right to obtain a civil marriage license cannot be denied to a particular group on the grounds that it historically has been denied that right,” said Samuel W. Seymour, President of the New York City Bar Association. “If that were the case, interracial couples would still face barriers to marriage.”

The argument is similar to the one made by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and conservative lawyer Ted Olsen, who penned a Daily News op/ed earlier this week laying out a legal argument for same-sex marriage.

And, as Gov. Andrew Cuomo quietly pushes the issue in the hopes of getting it approved by the end of the legislative session in June, the argument is in line with the strategy of New Yorkers United for Marriage. As Republican strategist Bill O’Reilly opined earlier, the coalition is trying to lay out a logical, not emotional argument for its passage.

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