Though he was on the losing end of the onion versus sweet corn debate, Sen. David Carlucci is taking it all in stride.

Carlucci had proposed legislation that would make the onion the official state vegetable, competing against Sen. Michael Nozzolio’s legislation that would declare officialdom to sweet corn.

But it was revealed Monday that sweet corn will be taken up, not the onion.

The ever-earnest Carlucci, D-Clarkstown, Rockland County, said he was just glad the issue of New York farmers could be given huge, if somewhat lighthearted, play.

“I’m just glad the issue got so much publicity,” Carlucci said this afternoon.

Raising awareness of farms, small business and agriculture in New York was the point of his legislation, he said.

“We should be demanding that our local businesses owners be given preference and more room to enable people to buy locally,” he said. “That’s what we should be taking away from this — not the merits of onion versus sweet corn.”